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Where To Find Information About Prague, Czech Republic

Where To Find Information About Prague, Czech Republic
While in the city you might need to find tourist information. Where can you look? One place you should certainly consider visiting is the Prague Tourist Information Center. Their office is situated just 20 meters from the Charles Bridge (located on Mostecka Street).

The convenient location makes the Tourist Information Center easy accessible regardless of where you’re located in the city. Here you can receive any information you need about Prague and the Czech Republic in general. The helpful staff will help you to plan your stay in Prague. And they’ll be more-than-willing to answer any questions that you have. Specific information you can find at the Tourist Information Center include information about various art, opera, and ballet events; car and bike rental; and various types of sightseeing tours.

Yet another excellent source of tourist information in Prague is the “Prague Experience.” The Prague Experience has two primary offices in the city, which are located in the city’s Old Town. You can also find a secondary office in “New Town” and “Lesser Town.” These multiple locations will make it easy to get the information you need, regardless of where you are in the city.

What type of information does the Prague Experience provide? You can find information regarding money matters. Whether you need to find an ATM that accepts or debit or credit card, or exchange money into the Czech Crown-the Prague Experience can help. Perhaps you need information about Prague’s transportation, such as where you can find bus stations, subways stations, car or bike rentals, and so on. The Prague Experience can also provide assistance if you need medical or dental assistance. Whether you need your teeth cleaned or an emergency medical procedure-you can get the necessary information at the Prague Experience. And if you have a child, the Prague Experience can provide information about particular sites and tours that would best suit your little ones.

Yet another excellent source for information about tourism in Czech is the official travel office of the Czech Republic, in Prague. This source can provide with all types of information that you’d need. That includes general information about the city, information about accommodations and tours, and the latest news that could impact your trip to Prague. The media department is located in Praha 2 of the city.

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