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Scanning The Global Solar Water Heater Market: France, Czech Republic – Solar Water Heater, Water

Scanning The Global Solar Water Heater Market: France, Czech Republic – Solar Water Heater, Water

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Price and under the influence of more stringent legislation, the 2008 French solar market growth much stronger than expected, before the forecast growth rate is 15%, while in fact it reached 20%. 2008, sales of solar collectors in France up to 318,000 square meters, mainly due to large-scale projects to promote.

2009 first half, the French solar market has been a significant decline in expected


20% decline in total sales area of less than 2.55 million square meters. Market decline for several reasons: First,


Crisis, the impact of the civil and commercial chain construction, which makes many of the projects ran aground, until conditions improved before continuing. Second, the photovoltaic system combined with the commercial power solar thermal system on a large threat. Use of door to door sales methods, the rapid expansion of PV systems sales network, and regular end-users and professionals to organize various activities. Although a few years ago people of different solar collector panels lack of knowledge about the difference between, but now the French have learned about these technologies. Tecsol latest research shows that 85% of French people are now able to distinguish between solar photovoltaic and solar thermal applications in different fields.

Flat solar collector is the most common collector in France, accounting for 95% local market share. This is mainly because, compared with the vacuum tube collectors, flat plate collector cheaper (on average 30% less), can be used in adverse weather, longer life, and the installation and



Learned that most companies still choose to absorb materials like bronze, but the trend changed. Over the years, reduce costs has been a more important topic. Since price stability, as many manufacturers of aluminum has been a substitute for copper. Now, many companies are made for the use of aluminum collector to do performance testing. However, when doing welding, aluminum products will continue to face technical problems, so now the market is only the combination of aluminum sheet and brass products.

As a lack of confidence in the manufacturer of this product, coupled with high prices, vacuum tube solar collector sales in France have been very small. Most of the products imported from China, but some European manufacturers are also producing a number of vacuum tube products.

In the past few years, flat plate collector and vacuum tube collector gap between the price of getting smaller and smaller. 5 years ago, the vacuum tube collector type solar collector plate prices by 50%, but now only 25% higher.

2008, the French more than 85% of the solar system installation in civil architecture. As energy prices higher, while the use of solar energy can be subsidized, in 2009, the existing civil construction, increased utilization of solar energy systems. Solar systems in commercial buildings was mainly due to a diminution of solar photovoltaic systems to increase the application in this field.

Solar market led largely by heating manufacturers, they provide a set of traditional

Environmental protection

Hot water and heating program. Only focus on the field of solar energy companies need to follow this trend and provide a complete renewable energy systems to face the fierce competition, such as solar systems, and boiler or

Heat Pump

Joint use. With the growing demand for photovoltaic systems, solar collector manufacturers have begun production of solar photovoltaic collector panels.

Although in the past few years, solar energy markets have shown strong growth, but it is not mainstream. In fact, the global economic slowdown affecting manufacturers psychological, they consider lowering the price to make solar energy to become mainstream. To this end, some manufacturers have started their own production of solar collectors.

Rumors that after 2011, public buildings, and after 2012 should be compulsory for all new buildings have solar systems installed. Perhaps the next few years, the French solar market will grow substantially.

Czech Republic

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