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Michael Jackson HIStory Tour 1996 Opening Prague Praha Prag concert amateur camera

Michael Jackson HIStory Tour 1996 Opening Prague Praha Prag concert amateur camera

Michael Jackson HIStory Tour 1996 Opening Prague Praha Prag concert amateur camera

Excuse the super bad quality. 🙂 It was all i could do… I entered the Letna Park with a big old chunky S-VHS video kamera (remember this was 1996!!) attach…

Rewatch all the action from Day One of the Prague Masters. The Prague Masters are part of the 2014 FIBA 3×3 World Tour, which consists of 6 Masters all around the globe and a Final in Tokyo,…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Michael Jackson HIStory Tour 1996 Opening Prague Praha Prag concert amateur camera.

42 Responses to Michael Jackson HIStory Tour 1996 Opening Prague Praha Prag concert amateur camera

  1. cuetip147 says:

    I was at the front and the crowd control was o bad people from the back
    coming forward then to the left then to the right.
    It was an awesome concert though and it rained,

  2. Michaela Adámková says:

    I was there, in the middle of the crowd. Traumatizing experience, but the
    concert was awesome! 

  3. brusie15 says:


  4. Syl Mortilla says:

    Brazz, the crowd control was horrendous throughout. It was a wonder there
    wasn’t a serious disaster. Scary. Great show though!

  5. CHRISGT34 says:

    It’s bad you couldn’t catch the full the show of Billie Jean there are two
    other full versions of Prague, but the instruments just seem a little
    better in this version.

  6. CHRISGT34 says:

    Yup the audio only verison which sounds very high quality still was unhappy
    with the baseline though they usually sound muffled and you can’t hear the
    grittiness of the bass in Billie Jean amateur performances. Then there’s
    another video version amateur.

  7. MJuniversHD says:

    2 others ?! I only know one .. And another but only audio

  8. CHRISGT34 says:

    It’s almost as if depending on where you’re sitting, you need to be sitting
    in the middle to get really good sound so you get all the channels center
    left and right.

  9. Руслан Шафиков says:

    28:34 xD

  10. Bazz Knurf says:

    I was there, but I hardly remember any of it. So cool!

  11. corinne salengret says:

    quelle arriver cela ai genial

  12. Dima Gaidar says:

    thank you very much for the video, always wanted to see a concert by
    Michael in Prague!!

  13. diamondjulzs says:

    The 1st performances of STRANGER I MOSCOW and BILLIE JEAN for HIStory tour
    has evolutionized Very much :0 but im pissed that this guys’s editing or
    whatever cut off some good as parts

  14. Bazz Knurf says:

    For the people who were there: Were there any sorts of issues with
    fights/pushing etc near the end? Because I was there at a young age, 8 or
    9, and I remember this sensation of unease after a while. I think we left
    the show a bit early, too. Were there any problems with security or
    otherwise? I’d be really interested in hearing other peoples’ experiences.

  15. EXELL ALLEN says:


  16. Joseph tarazona arteaga says:

    the people loves him .

  17. Dima Gaidar says:

    And when you add a concert in Prague in good quality?

  18. maracze77 says:

    First History tour performance in Prague. Finally I can see what happened
    before the song started. In all official videos from Prague the song starts
    from that part when he already took her armor and helm off. Here I can see
    the rocket come up to the stage and whole beginnig. In all other history
    tours he takes off the armor first,here he takes the helm first. Finally
    some amateur videos from this great show. First performance,and most
    people,like cca. 130 000.

  19. Lucas Oliveira says:


  20. Salalah KING says:

    First time seeing this concert , how much were the tickets for ?

  21. Joseph tarazona arteaga says:

    right Here were 125,000 attendance right .. this must be grerat
    woooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwww

  22. Lucero Arellano says:

    OMG ¡¡ hubiera deseado estar allí, pero no era muy pequeña U,U

  23. xtrafunk deep says:


  24. Agris Samcovs says:

    Unbelievable… I WAS THERE, TOO! So, thanks for sharing VERY much. A
    special “bus tours to MJ concert” were organized here in Latvia – and, OF
    COURSE, I joined one of them – bought a bus “ticket” plus concert ticket
    (yeah, they got them, too! :)), so it was all set – no problem whatsoever
    (after the concert back to bus and straight back home). 2 bad I went out of
    local money, and nobody wanted my USDs – so I couldn’t buy the Tour
    program. 🙁 But the concert experience was unforgettable…

  25. SabeMJ says:

    thank you ! amazing

  26. CBMinerDude CZ says:

    I was there two days i watched everything ;D

  27. Dominique Annicette says:

    Live (in Lausanne, Switzerland next week!) :)

  28. Honza Sirmayter says:

    NO SOUND! is it porn?? come on we wanna watch n hear.

  29. Квиташ Андрей says:

    what happened with sound?

  30. Stefan Milenkovic says:

    Bravo SRBI

  31. HardToFindGoodName says:

    ostrava jedem

  32. Doorlanac says:


  33. The Blacksmith says:

    Gdje se igra ??’

  34. Vojkan Miljkovic says:

    pa pise Prague jbt

  35. Станислав Рассказов says:

    the sound lates for 10 -15 seconds

  36. Darcy Coss says:

    Interesting.. only two dunkers!

  37. Доктор Војислав Шешељ says:

    but they have 2 unlucky lost games

  38. Доктор Војислав Шешељ says:

    i think Serbia is best,especially Liman



  40. Квиташ Андрей says:

    что со звуком?

  41. 3x3planet says:

    Thanks for the comment Квиташ Андрей. We are working on it.

  42. Jorge says:

    Keep working ,splendid job!

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