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Flight Review: Onboard Wizz Air Flight W6 812. London Luton to Prague Václav Havel

Date: Tuesday 17th August 2010 Airline: Wizz Air Flight No: W6 812 Aircraft: Airbus A320-232 Aircraft Reg No: HA-LPT Serial Number: 3807 Delivery date: 27th …

Flight EZY5497 from London Gatwick to Prague Václav Havel..EasyJet A320-214(WL) – (G-EZWT)

28 Responses to Flight Review: Onboard Wizz Air Flight W6 812. London Luton to Prague Václav Havel

  1. MatthewAFC says:

    loved it liked it

  2. MatthewAFC says:

    liked it

  3. Craig Simons says:

    Copyright issues to do with the music soundtrack used on the other video,
    so re-edited without music and no problems.

  4. 19bootsy68 says:

    easyjet or East Coast trains?

  5. Craig Simons says:

    Thanks Mark. Wizz Air are as, if not more expensive than Easyjet, but
    that’s not surprising!

  6. 19bootsy68 says:

    So whens your next trip Craig?

  7. 19bootsy68 says:

    A very interesting video Craig..its good to see how much Wizzair charge for

  8. Craig Simons says:

    Yay! Thanks Matt!

  9. Daniele Catucci says:

    Cool video of a Wizz Airline flight from London Luton to Prague Vaclav
    Havel and how much did it coat to fly on the Wizz airline.

  10. Daniele Catucci says:

    Where the next videos coming to your youtube channal.

  11. 19bootsy68 says:

    Haha..wrong again.

  12. filthiestfish says:

    I flew Wizz Air last year. No problems with them. I see them as equivalent
    to Ryanair. Wouldn’t jump for joy if I had to fly with them again but
    wouldn’t avoid them either.

  13. filthiestfish says:

    Nah, they are crap. I didn’t know they fly outside of Europe. Why the
    upload 3 years later?

  14. Airline Spotter says:

    That’s a very nice report, but i think that it will be nice to insert some
    text in your report, but i really like the view of the fasten seatbelt
    sign. Very nice… looking forward for your next report.

  15. feichhorn97 says:

    Nive video

  16. Craig Simons says:

    Thank you very much!

  17. Craig Simons says:

    Thank you Matt!

  18. Craig Simons says:

    I’m not over enthusiastic with them either Matthew! The cabin crew were
    really quite unwelcoming and I found the experience to be at best adequate.
    This was my only time on Wizz Air.

  19. Craig Simons says:

    Thank you very much (and for subscribing)! Glad you like the video! Hope
    you enjoy my future uploads and I look forward to your next trip report.

  20. Daniele Catucci says:

    Are you ever making a twitter Craig Simons and do have Facebook just asking.

  21. Craig Simons says:


  22. Craig Simons says:

    August, for the Edinburgh Fringe!

  23. Craig Simons says:

    Perhaps they have improved since 2010. Their route network as massively
    expanded since then, which following the demise of Malev, has been welcome
    news. Much to my complete amazement, they now fly as far as Dubai for as
    little as £100 one way!!! To be fair, their planes are modern A320s and
    they are more comfortable than Ryanair. Maybe one day, ill fly with them

  24. feichhorn97 says:


  25. Duen969 says:

    Flight easyJet – EZY5497 – London Gatwick to Prague

  26. Duen969 says:

    Flight easyJet – EZY5497 – London Gatwick to Prague

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