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Czech Republic Holidays History with Bathhouse and beer or Great Cultural Scene

Czech Republic Holidays History with Bathhouse and beer or Great Cultural Scene

You have almost certainly heard of Prague, one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities, but what about the rest of this small country in the heart of the continent?

Here are ten facts and observations, visit the Czech Republic, to help start your holiday planning and further research promotion.

Old Prague is ideal for walking and absorbing the atmosphere and if you travel mid-week or off season, it’s not too crowded. The medieval streets and squares ranging from Gothic to Art Nouveau architectural showcase and across the Charles Bridge to Prague Castle tour offers stunning river views and lots of street entertainment.

Modern City: Prague has all the attractions you would expect the capital of Europe, as well as museums, concert halls, opera houses and a wide selection of bars and restaurants.

Hearty food: international food could come to Prague and other major centers, but try typical dishes, including roast pork and dumplings, and many kinds of sausages.

Have another beer: the Czechs are the biggest consumers of beer per capita, trade marks, which have been exported or imitated around the world. Lager type known as the pose of the visit comes from the city of Pilsen, Pilsner Urquell is one of the best-known brands.

Wine: The Czech wines are little known in the United Kingdom, but the Moravian region produces some fine whites.

Swimming: watering the Czech Republic was thankful for centuries and is now a strong emphasis on beauty and wellness treatments, as well as taking a cure. West Bohemian spa towns of Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne elegant place a few days rest and explore the surrounding area.

Go Golf: Golf in the last decade has developed rapidly and now has about 80 courses to choose from. Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne is one of the best.

Boutique-style: Large, impersonal hotels are now the minority, and boutique hotels flourished. Chateau-style hotels, rural as well as rise.

UNESCO World Heritage: Twelve sites are recognized by their cultural values, of which only one is in Prague. The historic center of Cesky Krumlov, South Bohemia makes an unforgettable journey.

In Frontiers: The Czech Republic shares borders with Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia, all of which are EU members. It is easy to cross borders, discover more in Central Europe.

The Czech Republic is a small country with a big heart, that during the past 15 years has been transformed into one of the most enjoyable and accessible to European countries.

Worth seeing Levoa

Among other attractions, Levoa Hall dates from the 15th century until the end of the hall through the language of that period of autonomy and emancipation, a rarity. Today the museum is a pointer. Roman Catholic parish church of St. James is an important site to those interested in church. The church is a national cultural monument, is the main altar, which was developed from 1508 until 1517 by Master Paul of Levoa. Again, this is the world’s largest Gothic altar, 18.8 meters in height.

You can also visit the artist Paul Levoa house dating back to the 15th century and houses an exhibition dedicated to him. Finally, the church and monastery of minorities shows off the Gothic designs dating back to Slovakia in the period of time, complexity and beauty. In fact, someone Spiš and Levoa all; you will not want to miss it!

Availability, low cost flights from Europe to the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic remains the holidays at an affordable price and great alternative to the traditional holiday centers.

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