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10 Things to Do in Prague

10 Things to Do in Prague

Choosing Prague to be your next destination for your honeymoon, holiday destination, anniversary or whatever occasion there’ll be is surely a brilliant idea. This is a great place where you can find lots of beautiful places to see, landmarks to visit and exciting activities to explore.

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic wherein museums and red clay roofed establishments are all over the place. This is also the home of many cultural and historical attractions. Nothing can excite you than being in the beautiful city of Prague! Visiting this place can surely make your vacation a grande holiday!

To help you make that dream holiday a good one, here are some fun things you can do in Prague.

1. Be entertained through the various museums.

You can visit some of the best museums in Prague like the National Museum, the Technical Museum and the Toy Museum.

The National Museum of Prague is where the people of Czech Republic keep their natural, wildlife and historical collections. The Technical Museum, on the other hand, is where you can see some old fire engine, planes and other exciting stuffs of firefighters. For the rest of the family, Toy Museum is the perfect place to spend time together especially if you have your children with you. They can learn new things which they can apply in their normal activities or studies.

2. Take a trip to Prague Zoo.

It is also an interesting and exciting activity to tour around a zoo. This is definitely the right place for your kids to visit. You can have fun hanging out with some of the friendly animals that keep on entertaining you.

3. Take your family to the beautiful landmarks.

Visit some beautiful tourist spots in Prague like the Charles Bridge, the Astronomical clock, the Museum Of Communism and the Old Tower Hall.

4. Have fun in Petrin Hill and Observation Tower.

You can further explore the entire town by going to the Petrin Hill and Observation Tower. This is a miniature Eiffel Tower which includes an area for the entire family to spend time with. You can see some mirror image and play ground which your children can sure love. Hear their sweet laughter and enjoy the fun here.

5. Witness some local music festival.

Your family can attend to some local music festivals and enter theaters. Listen to the classical music, inexpensive performance and jazz concerts that are prepared for most of the time for visitors to get entertained.

6. Shop until you drop.

Shopping is also a common activity in Prague for tourists. You should find some items you can use as a keepsake or souvenirs. You can get one of the Czech glasses offered. Other local items you can buy include porcelain, Bohemian crystal, Czech Garnets, handcrafted tapestries, costume jewelry, marionettes and a whole lot more.

7. Taste the local cuisine.

There are also many kinds of restaurants in Prague City that offer a quality, delightful cuisine. Beef and pork are the most common ingredients of dishes that Prague restaurants can offer to you. If you are not contented with those, you can try some epicurean that highlights duck, fish, chicken, rabbit, turkey and lamb.

8. Create romance

If you decide to stay in this place for you honeymoon or anniversary, then have some romantic dinner at a cruise and ride at the back of a horse to wander in the country side. You can also have some walk at the Vltava River where you can feel the nice fresh air that overlook the city of Prague.

9. Soak up the night with some dazzles.

There are great ways you can do during the night of your stay here in this city. There are lots of entertainments that await you here. You can visit some of the best rocking discos and cocktail bars. If you want a more romantic and soothing atmosphere, visit one of the local Jazz bars or blue bars that highlight great performers.

10. Don’t miss the beer
For people who enjoy themselves indulging with tasty cold beer, this is the perfect place place for you. Unique beer of Czech can offer unto you a different kind of pleasure as you take some minutes to cool down yourself visiting other places of the city.

Selecting Prague as your destination for your next holiday is surely something you need to be excited for. You can do a lot of things and see beautiful places that will make your vacation a very memorable one.

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